Giovanni Ramirez's daughter holds press conference


The girl spoke with investigators for the first time Thursday night. She has not been able to talk to her father since his arrest. She said Ramirez was not at Dodger Stadium but was with her and her aunt on March 31. She also said he didn't have a shaved head at that time.

The fourth grader and her mother did not want to be identified. But Ramirez's daughter has wanted to defend her father the day of the news of his arrest nearly two weeks ago.

"It kind of felt good, because it felt like I was helping my dad out," she said.

The girl's mother says that her daughter has not been coached on what to say, but to only tell the truth to police and reporters.

"She needs her dad and it does affect her," said the mother. "So therefore it affects me as well because I am her mother, and I need to look out for her wellbeing."

Meantime, earlier Friday a parole commission said there wasn't probable cause that Giovanni Ramirez beat up Stow, but he remains behind bars on other possible parole violations.

"That count is now dismissed without prejudice. There are other matters we have to resolve, but nothing related to the Stow case whatsoever holds Mr. Ramirez in custody at this point," said Ramirez's attorney Chris Smith.

While the allegation of beating Stow was dismissed, the parole commissioner did find probable cause on the allegations of possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of ammunition by a felon.

"It's not rare at all to not find probable cause on an allegation when charges have not been formally placed and very minimal information is presented," said Luis Patino, spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections.

The parole board offered Ramirez 12 months in state prison for the charges without good time credit eligibility, which means he would have to serve the entire 12 months. Ramirez's attorneys rejected the offer and requested a full parole revocation hearing, which has been scheduled for June 20 at the Men's Central Jail.

Ramirez's attorneys, Anthony Brooklier and Jose Romero, are expected to ask Criminal Supervising Judge Patricia Schnegg on Monday for an order to obtain/preserve evidence and video from cameras at or near the places where Ramirez claims to have been on March 31, according to the attorneys.

Ramirez was arrested last month in connection with the attack on Stow, but he has not been formally charged.

Attorney Anthony Brooklier said they just learned about evidence inside the LAPD police report from the night of the attack.

"The person who did this apparently stumbled and left a palm print on the hood of a Mercedes. The LAPD took our client's palm print. We didn't know why until now," Brooklier said.

Attorneys for Ramirez say their client was not at /*Dodger Stadium*/ on the day of the attack. They said Ramirez spent opening day sleeping and babysitting his 9-year-old daughter.

Ramirez's attorneys revealed the existence of a palm print they believe could free Ramirez.

"For the first time, we found out this morning that the person that did this to Mr.Stow apparently stumbled and left a palm print on the hood of a Mercedez," said Brooklier.

The scientific results of the palm print lifted by police have not been shared with the defense attorneys.

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