ABC News: Rep. Weiner's wife is pregnant


Huma Abedin has a reputation for being unflappable, loyal and utterly discreet. But now she has been thrust into the spotlight by her husband's behavior.

Sources tell ABC News the 35-year-old wife of the congressman is in the early stages of pregnancy. It is the couple's first child.

Abedin has a high-powered career as a close advisor to /*Secretary of State Hillary Clinton*/. In spite of the scandal surrounding her husband she continues to focus on work, departing Wednesday on a trip to the Middle East and Africa with Clinton.

"Huma is one of the world's most intriguing, interesting, high-profile women who we really don't know," said Lois Romano from Newsweek.

Abedin initially believed Weiner's story that someone had hacked into his /*Twitter*/ account. She is reportedly devastated by her husband's admission to sending lewd photos of himself to several women and engaging in risqué online chats.

Abedin was raised in a conservative Muslim family and friends say she is still committed to her marriage and hopes to help Weiner salvage his political career.

For over a decade she has been Clinton's trusted advisor and friend.

"I've never felt that I can't say what I think or say what I feel," said Abedin. "And I feel like my opinion counts."

The revelation of Abedin's pregnancy comes on the same day an x-rated photo is leaked on the internet.

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who claimed to have an x-rated photo of Weiner that he obtained from a woman it was sent to, says he showed the photo to the hosts of a radio show on his mobile device.

Breitbart released a statement on his website claiming the picture was copied from the device without his knowledge and made public.

In a statement, a spokesman for Weiner noted that although he admitted to sending explicit photos, the congressman has never met any of the women or had physical contact with them.

And at least a half dozen fellow Democrats are saying Weiner should resign.

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