Los Angeles deputies searching for missing Santa Clarita couple


Dusan Klein and his wife Renata haven't been seen since they left their home on 28000 Wildwind Road. They were driving their 1999 gold Jeep Cherokee with their 10-year-old black and white cocker spaniel named Cindy on Saturday around 7 p.m.

Sheriff's officials say it's a mystery how the couple disappeared. Family members are also concerned. They said that they have been trying to get a hold of them for a nearly a week.

"It does spook you," said neighbor Kelly Robinson. Robinson lives a few doors down from the Klein's and says he was stunned by the front page news in the local paper Thursday that the couple is missing.

Robinson says he always recognized the Jeep, which has the license number 4FLN519 and a sticker on the rear window with the words "American Travel".

"The description of the vehicle is exactly the vehicle that always turns around here very courteously and yields to my children," said Robinson. "Seems like a nice guy."

Dusan and Renata Klein, both 59 years old, have lived in their home for several years. Luis Medina lives right next door and says they've always been courteous and cordial neighbors.

"I see them around very often because they walk their dog and we say hi every time we see them," said Medina. "But they're a nice couple. I always talked to them or say hi to them."

Sheriff's officials say the couple, who is originally from Czechoslovakia, was reported missing by family members.

"This is really out of the ordinary for them," said Deputy Aura Lidman. "They are not the type of people that would just up and disappear or anything like that, so family members are really concerned."

Neighbors say Renata Klein's blue Ford Mustang with the license plate frame that reads "CzechChick" has been sitting in the driveway since Saturday. Business cards have also been wedged in between the front door, which is a clear sign that no one has been home for days.

If you have any information call the L.A. County Sheriff's Department at 323-890-5500.

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