Prince William performs water landings in Canada

DALVAY BY-THE-SEA, Prince Edward Island

Monday, the Duke of Cambridge put his military helicopter training to the test with his first water landing before large crowds on Prince Edward Island.

The prince piloted a take-off from the water and hovered in the air before landing back on the water.

Kate watched her prince from the ground.

The royal newlyweds then got to flex their muscles by paddling in two dragon boats to race against each other.

Kate, dressed in black sportswear, got to demonstrate her athletic prowess while on the water by taking the stern of her boat. She trained as part of a dragon boat crew in 2007, and the rivalry with William appeared to be genuine.

William gripped his paddle to execute a strong stroke, while Kate moved from the stern to paddle in her boat. The prince's boat won the short race by a hair and William exited the boat to give Kate a warm consolation hug. Kate laughed and tried to push William in the water.

Their nine-day trip to Canada is their first official overseas trip since their April 29 wedding.

After wrapping up their Canadian tour on Friday, the couple will head to Los Angeles for three days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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