Classmates testify in junior-high murder trial


Some students who were in the E.O. Green Junior High School classroom the day Lawrence King was fatally shot broke down on the stand as they described what they saw.

They say then-14-year-old McInerney shot and killed his openly gay classmate.

Prosecutors claim the shooting was a hate crime, but McInerney's attorney says his client snapped after the gay teen repeatedly propositioned him.

Lawyers said 10 to 12 days before he was killed, King was donning eye makeup and at times wearing women's boots with 3-inch heels under his school uniform. Prosecutors said he was taunted mercilessly but had started to give a little attitude back to those who teased him, including McInerney.

One day before the shooting, witnesses said they heard King say, "I love you baby" to McInerney in a mocking tone as the two passed each other in the hallway in school.

Witnesses said McInerney was enraged by this.

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