Kevin Spacey loves to be mean in 'Horrible Bosses'


"I've been fortunate, I've never really had a horrible boss. I've had pretty stupid bosses, but that's a whole different level of something to deal with," said Spacey.

Spacey loves to be mean in the new dark comedy "/*Horrible Bosses*/." But his life is filled with more than just acting these days.

He's become a boss himself, serving as the artistic director for the Old Vic Theater in London.

"At the Old Vic I've got a lot of employees under my directorship and I can't be a horrible boss, so it's kind of fun to get out there and exercise those demons," said Spacey.

He also loved being able to stretch his comedy muscles alongside Jason Bateman, who plays an employee who's so fed up with his horrible boss (Spacey) that he decides his only course of action is murder.

"The hardest thing about making a movie like this is not laughing all day long on set and blowing every single take," said Spacey. "I love working with those guys. They're incredibly fast, they're very smart, they understand what they're doing, they take comedy very seriously, but they're a lot of fun to be around. So it was a great experience to be on set."

Spacey won't be back on a movie set for a while. He's committed to playing Richard III on stage through March 2012. And there's no place he'd rather be.

"My heart's always been on stage and I think it always will be on stage," said Spacey. "In theater, tonight I get a chance to be better than I was last night, or tomorrow night better than I was tonight, or six weeks from now better than I am this week. It's a growing, learning, challenging, sharing experience."

You can catch Spacey's version of a horrible boss in theaters now.

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