No crossing guard at school? Fontana mom does it for free


Kim Brooks, a parent of two children who attend Sycamore Hills Elementary School, took on the crossing guard job herself. Free of charge.

Brooks has been out there every morning and afternoon shepherding kids and warning cars with her makeshift vest and handheld stop sign.

"I feel so good that God chose me to be out there to hold up a sign to protect the children that can't be out protecting themselves," she said.

For now, Brooks is the solution to the Colton Unified School District cuts.

"Maybe they could come out of their little cushy office and drop their coffee cup for a second or two," she said. "It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes."

The district says it was forced to make tough decisions when faced with $5.9 million in cuts. It says the crossing guards were costing them more than $240,000.

"How could they possibly put the safety of a child that's in elementary school before a dollar bill?" Brooks said. "I don't care what amount this is they cut the budget for. They cut it on little itty-bitty innocent children."

Judging by the students faces, they're happy she's there. Parents are on her side, too, and have offered to volunteer.

"It's crazy having all these cars without any help," Carrie Scott said. "There is a lot of traffic and a lot of students."

"There could be an accident, they don't want to stop for the children. I'm pretty happy with Kim, stepping up and volunteering," Monique Viola said.

The superintendent didn't comment on what Brooks is doing but has agreed to meet with concerned parents next week to work on a solution.

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