Tour of the new high-tech Glacier Point Middle School

FRESNO, Calif.

It's a brand new state of the art school with a focus on the visual and performing arts.

"It's really attractive you'll be surprised."

More than 800 students will fill the hallways and classrooms at Glacier Point Middle School for the first time... and they're in for a big surprise.

For starters, the cafeteria isn't what you'd typically find on a California campus.

Mike Berg, Central Unified Superintendent said, "The students will come into what is more like a retail outlet like a food court at Fashion Fair Mall where you have different food options so that it's something of interest to the kids."

Kids can choose from foods from Italy, Asia and Mexico - and the cafeteria doubles as a theater.

Berg said, "You see it goes low to high with the floor - so you have this 3 different terrace feature which is a dinner theater type setting."

The walls and ceiling are fitted with sound proof materials and it sits at the front of the campus - accessible to the entire community.

Eliseo Cuellar, Glacier Point Principal said, "I think the facility is giving us the opportunity to showcase talent in this district."

That's not all. Principal Eliseo Cuellar says the school is completely wireless and the library - with more than 6,000 book titles - serves as it's central hub.

Cuellar said, "There's an iMac lab with 40 computers in there, Cisco share similar to YouTube where we can do live tele-webbing."

The gym is also something to marvel at. It sits 1500 people, the floor is made of a more durable rubber-like material - and skylights provide use of natural light.

Berg said, "we decided to do something more different, innovative for schools."

The price tag was also out of the ordinary.

It cost around $23 million to build and was funded through a combination of Measure B bond money and matching funds from the state. But the district says it was needed as nearby schools face overcrowding.

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