Father rescues girl from alleged molester in Redlands


Authorities say the girl went missing while playing with friends in front of an apartment building on New York Street and Pine Avenue at about 7 p.m. Savannah Barrios was one of several children playing outside when the girl went missing.

"The little girl was playing with the guy's dog," she said.

The child's sippy cup left on a neighbor's porch led her father to a horrifying discovery.

"The little girl was crying, yelling out the window for help, and she was naked, and so the father knocked down the door," Barrios said.

Authorities said the father went in and found the suspect naked inside the apartment. He took his daughter and called police.

"Dad showed remarkable restraint," said Carl Baker of the Redlands Police Department.

When police arrived, the suspect refused to come out. After a half-hour standoff, 52-year-old Terence Giberson surrendered.

"He had cut himself, looked like possible suicide attempt, but the wounds were superficial," Baker said.

Giberson was arrested and booked for child molestation and kidnapping. His arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday.

The victim was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

Robert Rayback lives next door and heard some of the commotion but didn't realize what was happening. Later, he said he received a visit from the girl's father.

"The father knocks on the door and goes 'You know you have a pervert living next to you?'" Rayback said.

According to neighbors, the suspect lived there with his wife and adult children. They say because he worked overnight, he would often tell children playing outside to be quiet.

"I still have chills. I cannot believe that something like this would happen in our neighborhood," said neighbor Vera Steenbergen. "These kids play and play, and we leave our doors open, we watch each others' kids, and it's unreal."

Police say when a child goes missing, parents should contact them immediately because the minutes are critical.

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