Dodgers creditors meet in Del. for bankruptcy case


Creditors will get to hear from the team personally about the Dodgers' plans for reorganization.

Under federal bankruptcy law, a representative of the team must appear at the creditors meeting and answer questions under oath.

The Dodgers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June. Team owner Frank McCourt had blamed baseball Commissioner Bud Selig's refusal to approve a multi-billion-dollar TV deal. McCourt said that would have brought a lot of much-needed money to the team.

Game attendance has been down in recent years. Some fans said team management, not attendance, is what has led to the Dodgers' financial problems.

Four longtime season ticketholders, including the children of the late Frank Sinatra, are now playing a part to try to protect the interests of the fans.

The group filed paperwork to form an official fan committee as the team goes through bankruptcy. That will have to be approved by a judge.

The fans are hoping to be recognized as an official party during the team's bankruptcy filing. They also want all of their legal expenses to be paid for by the Dodgers.

Meantime, souvenir vendor Facility Merchandising Inc. wants to know if the Dodgers have the money to stay true to a contract with the company. A judge on Tuesday said the team will first have to go through bankruptcy before deciding on that issue.

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