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Cool Kid works for juvenile diabetes cure

August 18, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
This week's "Cool Kid" is using a personal battle to reach out to the public. She's giving hope to people around the country.

Cool Kid Michelle Smolarski was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at about four years of age. For the next few years she admits to feeling sorry for herself and asking "Why me?" But then a change occurred.

"Towards the end of middle school, just sort of a light bulb went off and I just started asking, 'Why not me?' And I just started getting really active with the JDRF," says Michelle.

Michelle's work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation gets her talking to concerned groups, big and small.

"I guess I just started to see my disease as more of a platform to speak on behalf of others and to get more awareness out, as well as shed positive light on the disease," says Michelle.

She was recently selected as a delegate to the JDRF Children's Congress. It was her chance to showcase the cause to the nation's leaders.

"Washington, D.C., the capital of our country, so much political, historical change goes on there," says Michelle. "So why not take this fight for a cure to Washington?"

Michelle's campaign can be far-reaching. But her more immediate goal is her personal connection with those affected by diabetes.

"It is a lot about raising money and funds and awareness, and I'm all about that. But I think my day-to-day thing is to try and provide hope to all those affected by the disease," says Michelle.

Involved and passionate about finding a cure for juvenile diabetes, Michelle Smolarski will go anywhere and talk to anyone. That makes her our Cool Kid.