Cool Kid leads students by example


Esteban Galvan is a Cool Kid who works at the Boys and Girls Club in Pasadena.

From homework to sports, Esteban is the one the kids seem to call.

"'Can you sit down, what's this one?' I can't tell you that, you have to solve it yourself. Or they say, 'Steven, come play soccer with me' or 'come play basketball.' And I'll go do it," says Esteban.

In addition to what they learn from books and playtime, Esteban hopes they develop self-confidence.

"I want them to say what they feel. Not be radical, but if you have your own opinion, say it," says Esteban. "Don't just follow what everybody else is doing."

Esteban's desire to build young minds will continue in his future career in education.

"I want to be one of those teachers that if they need something, then I'll help. I'll stay after hours. I'll help them out," says Esteban.

For now, he wants to make sure his time with them leaves a positive memory.

"I want them to have a good childhood," says Esteban. "Or for them to grow up saying, 'Oh yeah, one of the people that influenced me was Steven.'"

Esteban Galvan is giving children a chance to play and at the same time, help them grow and learn.

That makes him our Cool Kid.

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