Sam Worthington takes on spy role in 'The Debt'


In "The Debt," Sam Worthington plays an Israeli secret agent who helps bring down a Nazi war criminal in 1966. Or did he?

The movie begins in 1997 and it goes back in forth in time as people begin questioning whether he and his team are actually heroes.

The film takes twists and turns as plots are revealed and discoveries are made.

"You know, this is a suspenseful thriller, to use those terms, and any good thriller has to keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you wanting more and wondering what's going to happen next," said Worthington.

Worthington co-stars with Jessica Chastain and Helen Mirren, who play the same spy at different times in their lives.

Mirren compares director John Madden to the late, great Alfred Hitchcock. Worthington was equally impressed with Madden's magic.

"He works with such ease and he's, he did 'Shakespeare in Love,' which was an Oscar-winning movie. And this is 180 to that, obviously, but he's just a very smart director," said Worthington.

The international stars aren't shabby either. They all had to master the right accent to play their roles. The movie's stars come from quite an array of different backgrounds.

"Helen's from England. Jess is American. I'm Australian. Martin's from New Zealand. Kieran's Irish. And we're all playing Israelis talking German," said Worthington. "It's like a bad joke!"

Worthington still lives in Australia. He says he uses Los Angeles as his office, coming here to get work.

"The Debt" is rated "R." It opened Wednesday.

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