Ex-CSU professor wanted for alleged drug gang


Last year, 43-year-old Stephen Kinzey was a physical fitness professor at California State University, San Bernardino.

"I'm stunned. I can't believe it," said student Drew Peterson.

Peterson said he never would have thought his professor could be the alleged leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang, specializing in narcotics and high-powered weapons.

"He would talk about his biker buddies, or his brothers, and say that they had each others' backs and were basically family," said Peterson.

Kinzey lived in East Highland, and his neighbors said they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

"Almost every weekend, he had at least four to five motorcycle people there, and they never seem to be doing any harm. They'd just be sitting in the driveway having beer," said one neighbor.

But the sheriff's department said there was much more to it than that. They recently raided Kinzey's home and seized guns and drugs.

"This investigation came to an end when we were able to intercept a one-pound delivery [of drugs] to Kinzey's home and then intercept the mid-level dealers who were arriving to pick up their supplies," said Det. Jason Rosenbaum of the /*San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department*/.

While Kinzey was not home during the raid, police said his former student and live-in girlfriend, Holly Robinson, was in the house. She was arrested for her part in the alleged drug sales.

So far, seven people have been arrested, but several others are still at large.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department at (909) 890-4840.

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