GAO report: DHS lacks half of security recommendations


The report says that while the /*Department of Homeland Security*/ has significantly improved security, there's still a lot of work to be done.

The report says the department has only completed about half of the 1,500 recommendations it was given when it was created in 2003.

"Bottom line of our report as everybody's noted in your opening comments is that a lot of progress has been made since 9/11 that's clearly been demonstrated. But there is work remaining to address gaps and weaknesses that will enable DHS to reach its full potential," said U.S. Comptroller General Eugene Dodaro.

Included in that work, Dodaro said, are improvements to management oversight of department programs, better purchasing and improvements to technology testing and purchasing programs.

Dodaro also said the department needs to work on technical, internal programs, including creating a consolidated financial system that combines information from all 22 DHS agencies.

The DHS still lacks enhanced explosive detection technology for checked bags at airports or a system to track who's leaving the country.

The department says it is working to close the gaps.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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