'The Dr. Oz Show': A look behind the scenes


The doctor with boundless enthusiasm has been drinking his green juice every morning, and he's ready to share his vital living secrets with you.

"The Dr. Oz Show" premieres Monday on ABC7.

My co-anchor, David Ono, and I got a taste of what's in store for the new season at a taping of his new show. We also got to ask him some health questions.

I asked him if there's a cure for viewers who have "Oprahitis."

"[It's] readily solved if you watch a transformative show that's interested in you and can show you a path to maybe having a better life," said Dr. Oz.

On the day we were there, the lucky audience got to see, not only Dr. Oz, but Doctors Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil. They were together on stage for the first time.

David and I marvel at how this practicing doctor, who still performs surgery, can still have this much energy for his show.

"It's been about energy management. The things that I do - like talking to you right now, doing the show - bring me energy. They take me to a place where I feel grounded. It gives me the confidence that what I'm doing is creative and valuable, and therefore I want to do more of it," said Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz wants to stimulate your mind with cutting edge ideas, such as how to locate toxins in your life, lose weight, gain energy or go to a happier place. Who doesn't want to be happier? Sometimes we just need a push.

The doctor said this year is all about motivation, which is why they're giving out $1 million.

"I'm giving somebody $1 million. We're going to have a nationwide, one-year long competition. If you don't win a million bucks, you'll be healthier for trying. We're going to teach you how to lose weight, how to know your key numbers, how to make sure you can connect with a healer in your life, how to sleep more effectively, be sexually intimate," Dr. Oz said.

There are a million reasons why "The Dr. Oz Show" will change your life, and I'm not talking about the money.

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