President Barack Obama urges Congress to pass jobs bill


Obama bluntly challenged Congress to act immediately on his new jobs plan, brandishing a copy of the legislation in the Rose Garden and demanding: "No games, no politics, no delays."

The president was surrounded by teachers, police officers and firefighters - people the White House says would benefit from the bill.

Obama first announced the bill during a speech last week. The $447 billion package includes tax relief, unemployment insurance, spending to support construction jobs, aid to states to keep people in their jobs. Businesses would get their own tax breaks. And he promised a long-term plan to pay for it all.

Obama said the only thing that would block its passage would be lawmakers deciding it wasn't good politics to work with him. "We can't afford these same political games, not now," Obama said.

Republican lawmakers who control the House have promised quick review of the legislation and seem open to the tax-cutting elements, but some have already rejected new spending.

Meanwhile, the new DNC ad campaign was to air beginning Monday in eight swing and early voting states, urging viewers to "Read it. Fight for it. ... Pass the President's Jobs Plan."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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