Rapid bus service project unveiled in San Bernardino


On Thursday, a new project that aims to ease congestion has been unveiled in the Inland Empire.

The Bus Rapid Transit Project is no small undertaking. The project spans nearly 16 miles from northern San Bernardino to Loma Linda. It includes 16 bus stations and promises to bring jobs.

"These transit projects at the end of the day and at their essence are really not about asphalt, concrete, steal, and buses and trains," said Leslie Rogers from U.S. Department of Transportation. "At their essence they are really about people- moving people, providing people additional transportation options."

At a cost of $192 million to build, it is expected to generate 230 direct jobs and hundreds of more indirect jobs for the area.

The E-Street Corridor is one of 10 small-start projects to receive funding from the Federal Transit Administration. It was awarded because of the areas needed for public transit and it is designed to create economic development.

"This combination of urban infield development transit will appeal to the 'empty nest' baby boomers and the next generation of professionals looking to live in communities, provide the services they desire without the need for auto dependency," said San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris.

The transit project will also tie together rapid bus, rail and traditional bus service. Residents say they hope it will ease congestion.

"I think it's good," said San Bernardino resident Donald Thibodeaux. "I think it will be more efficient for our area. I mean now it takes forever to get back and forth."

The service is expected to be up and running by Jan. 2014.

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