'Tower Heist' review: Clever film w/ fun cast


Alan Alda plays a Bernie Madoff-like character who swindled the workers of a high-rise complex out of their retirement money.

The workers and a petty thief, played by /*Eddie Murphy*/, join forces to get their money back.

"Tower Heist" features a really enjoyable ensemble cast, led by /*Ben Stiller*/.

I especially enjoyed watching /*Gabourey Sidibe*/, who was so devastatingly dramatic in "Precious," be so much fun here as a member of this odd squad of first-time criminals.

"Tower Heist," directed by Brett Ratner, is a fast-moving, fast-talking film. It's a popcorn picture with a twist - you will actually find yourself invested in some of these characters and hoping they'll not only get their money back, but that they'll get away with their crimes.

The heist is a blast to watch play out, as far-fetched as it may be at times. If you're not on board for the silliness, you won't enjoy yourself nearly as much.

The film definitely has a modern feel, but it also tips its hat to heist capers of the past. It's clever, and it plays its hand well.

And along the way, you get to laugh, too.

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