Fonzie's motorcycle, Elvis Presley's limo up for auction


"It was the TV programs and super stars that we were watching when we were kids. Now we're all of the age where we can afford to buy this stuff," said Nick Smith, head of the Bonhams Motorcycles Department.

At the Bonhams auction taking place this Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Petersen Automotive Museum, cars and stars come together.

Tom Cruise's futuristic Lexus from the "Minority Report" is up for auction, though the winning bidder can't actually take it on the road. But you could take James Garner's former Oldsmobile Racer off road.

There are motorcycles up for auction too, including the '49 Triumph Fonzie rode on "Happy Days," which could go for as much as $80,000.

The Fonz was a biker kind of guy, but actor Henry Winkler who played him is not so much.

"He couldn't handle them, didn't like them. To this day (he) will stand up and tell anybody that'll listen that he does not like," said Smith.

Arthur Fonzarelli was a fictional cool guy from the 1950s, but they've also got a vehicle from a real '50s cool guy - a Cadillac limousine originally owned by Elvis Presley.

Shortly after The King became a star, he developed a penchant for buying Cadillacs, the 1955 limo up for auction is one of his first. Pre-sale estimates have it fetching up to $150,000.

"It was the car that they used to pile the band in and drive around the Memphis area to play gigs," said Smith.

Not everything going up for auction will command a royal sum of money. Lots of collectibles and memorabilia will go on the block for perhaps as little as $100.

And if you're talking collectibles, cars and movies, how about a rare piece of the original Disney/Pixar film "Cars." You can bid on some RV models that were crafted by Mattel but never went to production.

"These as prototypes are going to be quite rare and very collectible in the future," said Smith.

The winning bidder of the display will get a little piece of Pixar history, and the proceeds will go to the foundation that provides transportation for inner-city kids to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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