'Living' Christmas trees an eco-friendly option for the holidays

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Amber Richane of Santa Monica instead rented a 'living' Christmas tree from The Living Christmas Company.

"It's important to me to be as gentle on the Earth as we can, and I never really thought about Christmas trees because it's like they're alive, they came from the forest, but if they're not sustainably farmed or harvested, you can really do a lot of damage," Richane said.

The Living Christmas Company allows customers to rent a living potted tree for the holidays.

"The symbol of having a Christmas tree is new life, new beginnings, so to us having something that keeps on living after the holidays actually says that better," said The Living Christmas Company's Scotty Martin.

The trees range in price from $25 to $140 depending on type and size. The trees are home-delivered and then picked up after Christmas.

Everything in The Living Christmas Company has a story, from the trees right down to the Christmas ornaments, such as those made by refugees available for purchase on the company's website.

"They're made by Tibetan refugees and the proceeds to that go to support the Tibetan refugees," Martin said.

The story even continues after Christmas. The trees are kept on reclaimed land and taken care of by war veterans until they can be rented again next Christmas.

"A living tree that I don't have to kill and they make it easy on me is the best of both worlds," Richane said.

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