Actors share their 'Worst Audition Ever'


Actress Christine Lakin is the creator and producer of "Worst Audition Ever." Showbiz types hit the stage to relive auditions they will never be able to forget.

"There's something that is mutually sort of painful about it, and I think people thrive on this sort of self-deprecation," said Lakin. "There's something really cathartic about people standing on stage and saying, 'I'm not perfect either, and let me tell you about the time when I was most imperfect.'"

Former TV "Bachelor" Bob Guiney played host for the evening.

"In this community that we all live in, there's a lot of auditions going on. There's a lot of horrible, horrible moments, and we figured just in time for the holidays, we're going to share it with everybody," said Guiney.

Carrie Seim took the stage to share an audition in fourth grade when she wrote a bizarre, 8-page monologue for a Nebraska production of "A Christmas Carol."

"It was an embarrassment at the time, but I got the part of the Christmas caroler, just a glorified extra, but it was something, right?" said Seim.

Will Seymour unsuccessfully sang his way through an audition for "Tommy Tune." Unfortunately, it was for a tap dancing show.

"I just knew that somehow he would see my visage and amazing voice and go, 'Yea, you're going to be in this tap dance musical - no problem,'" said Seymour.

Tuesday's show at King King in Hollywood was one night only, but "Worst Audition Ever" will return to the Los Angeles stage in February.

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