Cool Kid volunteers time to help foster kids


Natalie Mason has compassion for kids in the foster care system, and she wants to do what she can to make life better for them.

"I know that if I was in that position, I would want someone there helping me. So that's a big part of it," said Natalie. "I just want all the kids to be loved."

Volunteering at the Foster Care Auxiliary in Anaheim, Natalie collects and gives gifts to help families that might not otherwise be able to have much of a holiday.

"It's hard for them to support them financially. So every little gift that we give them helps them," said Natalie. "So that makes me feel good knowing that we're helping them out along the way."

People can see that Natalie has a deep involvement with her volunteer work.

"Natalie's there because she wants to be there," said program director Kathy Harvey. "She loves what she's doing and you can tell. She gets that enjoyment, satisfaction that she gets from helping the kids."

As much as Natalie enjoys helping out with toys and other projects during the holidays, she really hopes to be a role model for the young ones in the foster care program.

"The only adults they really know are their parents and family. So if you're that one other adult that isn't related to them, you make a big difference in their life and they aspire to be like you," said Natalie.

Natalie Mason is a Cool Kid who is making a difference and making life a little easier for children who need it.

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