Ex-Carson Council candidate talks anti-Obama Facebook rant

CARSON, Calif.

Jules Manson, 48, posted the racially charged statement Sunday on his Facebook page. His post included the word, "assassinate," referred to Obama using the N-word and referred to the president's daughters as "monkey children."

It's a rant that Manson wishes he could take back.

"Basically, I mustered the most hateful and vile words I could think of to express my hurt and contempt for the president. However, I went too far. That's all that was. It was harmless. I'm not the least bit racist at all," Manson told Eyewitness News.

Manson has since apologized for the statement, but the damage was done. The Secret Service got wind of it and is now conducting an investigation to determine if Manson is a genuine threat to the first family.

"I consented to the search of my home, my vehicle and my person as well. Now, they're questioning my family," Manson said.

Manson considers himself a Libertarian and was angered by language in the Defense Authorization Act that he and others say could deny Americans their civil rights.

He recently ran for Carson City Council, and those who know him were caught off guard by the racist threats.

"He seemed to have his stuff together when he was running for council. I mean, he was out talking to everybody, and he did everything that somebody would do running a campaign. I had no idea that he was going to take things to this extreme," said Carson resident David Perry.

Manson insists he is not a racist and he also maintains he never planned to cause harm to anyone, especially the president. Now, he just needs to convince the Secret Service of that.

Making threats against the president is a crime. Manson has not been arrested and has not been formally charged with anything as the investigation continues.

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