Mountain lion cubs found under car in Burbank


The animals were found hiding under a car on Orange Grove Avenue.

The cubs were taken to the Department of Fish and Game's Wildlife Station in Calabasas, where they were placed with another litter.

The facility tries to rehabilitate animals that belong in the wild but have been injured or orphaned.

Named "No. 1" and "No. 2," the cubs are 3 months old and are both female. They were so dehydrated and starved, they only weighed 10 pounds each - half of what they should weigh.

"A few more days, maybe up to a week, before they wouldn't have survived anymore," said Cindy Reyes, executive director of the California Wildlife Center.

Veterinarians speculate they had been on their own for many weeks and ventured out of the den in search of food when their mother abandoned them.

Vets have been feeding them small portions of chicken several times a day, because they're so emaciated, if they eat too much too soon they can actually get sicker.

The cubs will not be released to the wild. Instead, their new home will be at an educational and conservation organization called Zoo to You.

"They require a lot of care to get them back physically to the state they need to be, and during that process, there's always the possibility that they could become habituated to people," Reyes said. "If you raise a mountain lion in captivity and then you release it, it could potentially be dangerous at some point."

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