Rose Parade, Bowl fans pour in to Pasadena


The Calvary Stampede Show Band has been putting in hours of it. The 200-plus members of the band, drill team and equestrian club came all the way down from Calgary, Canada to march in the Rose Parade.

Their concern on Friday is how a dozen rented horses will do on Monday.

"We're just making sure the horses are comfortable with the sound," said band member Trevor Myers. "It's very difficult for horses to walk behind the band if they've never heard a loud band like that. It spooks them."

The Tournament of Roses Parade draws people to Pasadena from all over the world- though the biggest contingents this year are fans from Wisconsin and Oregon- and there is no shortage of them.

Oregon fans Jeff Joseph and Jim Lowenstein from Portland will be in town for a week. They say they will each spend $1,500, with the majority going toward food and drinks.

Other fans are spending their money on Rose Bowl clothing- a big business for the pop-up businesses that set up shop in Pasadena this weekend.

"Monday's going to explode for sure," said souvenir salesman Vince Ciano. "That's when everyone is going to be here. Just the parade in general generates so much, and the Rose Bowl just adds in an extra bonus."

Even permanent stores, like Crown City Sports, cater to the crowds that pour into town.

"I think over 500,000 people, including the Rose Bowl as well, ascending on Pasadena," said David Harbaugh from Crown City Sports. "The Rose Bowl is our Christmas in this industry."

Meanwhile for visitors that have questions about the Rose Parade or Rose Bowl, a hotline has been set up. Rose Queen Drew Washington, along with the Royal Court, were answering the visitor hotline on Friday.

"We can answer all the kind of questions they have about parking, tickets, post-parade," said Leann Lamp from the Pasadena Visitors Bureau. "Anything we need to know, that's what we're here for- 24/7."

The hotline is open until Jan. 3. Call toll-free 877-793-9911.

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