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Liam Neeson fights rogue wolves in 'The Grey'

January 11, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
The stars of the new snow-filled drama-action-thriller, "The Grey," are acting with wolves. The movie deals with survival in the wake of a terrible accident. Liam Neeson leads the cast.

In the film, a group of oil-rig workers are in dire jeopardy after their plane crashes in a snowy, isolated area of Alaska.

The weather in this wilderness is bad enough. If they're going to survive, they have to fight their way out, including battling a vicious pack of rogue wolves that are on the hunt. Neeson is the leader of the human pack.

"I think there's kind of a mythological, almost a Greek tragedy thing is about to unfold where maybe these...wolves are about to get their revenge on their brothers and sisters that I've killed," said Neeson.

Don't look too hard. The studio hasn't released hardly any footage of the wolves just yet.

"It was quite intense because these wolves were made larger than they are in real life, and especially the alpha wolf was made to be quite mythological, quite sinister," said Neeson.

Nature's beauty, as you'll see in "The Grey," can also be a beast. The film is rated R and opens Jan. 27.