UC Riverside students propose new tuition payment plan


The plan calls for eliminating college costs while the student attends, but then having working graduates pay 5 percent of their salary back to the system for 20 years.

"Charging students when they're making money just makes sense," said Chris LoCascio, president of Fix UC, the group proposing the elimination of tuition and student loans. "It's really surprising to me that this hasn't been pursued, at least here in the United States."

Since 2001, the cost to attend a UC has quadrupled.

The outcry over the rising cost of a public education has prompted statewide protests against the UC Board of Regents, which must approve the fee increases.

"Tuition is such a stress and a burden on UC students right now. Having a job - two - three jobs plus a full load of classes it's just too much for a student," said Elaina Amos, a sociology student at UCR.

The UC Board of Regents will be meeting this week to discuss another 3 to 5 percent tuition hike.

For cash strapped students, the possibility of paying for their education later rather than now is getting their attention.

"I think that is a great idea," said student Justin Bui of Los Angeles. "I think it would be good because that way you don't have to worry about it. You can get your education done, get into the work force."

A rally will be held at the Highlander Union Building ahead of Wednesday's meeting. That's when organizers say they plan on presenting the proposal to the Board of Regents.

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