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Strange things happen on set of 'The River'

February 7, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Mystery, intrigue and paranormal activity are all flowing out of ABC's new drama, "The River." The show is set in the Amazon, but it was filmed in Hawaii.

"I've never ever seen a show shot like this," said Joe Anderson, a star on the show. "I've never seen this concept applied to a show so well."

Anderson says the show can quickly take an unexpected turn.

"There's the possibility that the characters can completely flip, so we can turn it on its head," he said.

Viewers can expect mysteries to unravel weekly on "The River."

But there's something else they can expect. Two of the show's main character will often communicate in Spanish.

"We have an opportunity to really embrace that audience - that sleeping giant - that needs heroes and wants to see more Latinos represented in television," said actor Daniel Zacapa.

"The River" has been compared to "Lost," but its stars say it's really more like "The X-Files."

During shoots, strange things happened on location.

"People getting hurt, people quitting, running, screaming from the set in the middle of the night," said Bruce Greenwood, one of the show's stars.

The actors say one of their locations was an abandoned hospital for children. While there are creepy things happening on the show, shooting at that old hospital brought up a past Hawaiians would rather forget.

"Legend has it the head doctor that was running the place was decapitated by the head nurses and is buried on the property," said Leslie Hope, another star on the show. "There's a children's cemetery on the property. That's where we're shooting for real, doing a scary story."

It's all in a day's work on "The River."