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Hollywood preps for extravagant Governor's Ball

February 16, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Thousands of bottles of champagne along with thousands of pounds of eggs and lobster are just some of the ingredients for this year's Governor's Ball.

The man behind those ingredients is none other than celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who is planning 12 main course options for the event.

He poured some curried ginger sauce into a wok, added some Maine lobster and treated our production assistant, Joey, to a taste of one of this year's savory selections.

"This is great. It has a little kind of tangy taste to it, too, which is really nice. And the lobster is fantastic," he said.

But it's too bad Joey didn't get to taste this year's official Oscar cocktail.

"It's the Moet Red Carpet Glamour," said Aida Mollenkamp. "It's made with fresh-squeezed sour mix, a little bit of hum botanical spirit and, of course, some Moet and Chandon Imperial and then one single rose petal."

Mark's Garden will handle the rest of the flowers. The petal pros are enhancing these roses to be bigger. It is Hollywood, after all.

The ballroom will eventually be fit for Hollywood royalty, but right now it's just a big empty room.

But the woman in charge, Cheryl Cecchetto, knows what she's doing. This is her 23rd year.

"We're taking a risk. I mean, you've got a ball for 1,500 people and you're saying there's no assigned seating, all the food comes to them? Are you kidding me? It's not safe!" Cecchetto said. "But you know what? We're getting old. We might as well look back and say, 'We took some risks.'"

We also took pictures of the desserts, which won't be in short supply. And you might be surprised by who's got the ball's biggest love affair with chocolate.

"That would be George Clooney," said Sherry Yard. "Our secret!"

If the rumors are true, then Clooney should be happy. They'll be using 800 pounds of chocolate at the ball.