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Fisker Karma is electric luxury car w/ style

February 23, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Sure, you can buy an electric car these days. If you have the money, you can buy an exotic luxury car. But you can also now buy an electric exotic luxury car.

It's called the Fisker Karma, the namesake of veteran designer Henrik Fisker. He had a vision of a different kind of exotic car.

"I think what really amazes people is they think that there is a big V12 or V8 in it, and when they find out that actually it's an environmental-friendly car, they can get a better fuel economy than a Toyota Prius and it's got a huge solar roof, and by the way, the wood inside is reclaimed from the California fires, that starts getting pretty exciting," said Fisker.

But of course, it had to be stylish, and it definitely is, turning heads everywhere it goes. It also costs more than $100,000.

"There's a market for this. There's especially a market in a place like L.A. and other areas where environment is very much on the minds of people," said Ron Cogan of "Green Car Journal."

The cool electric noises it makes go right along with its cool looks. Sure, you can plug it in every night and drive up to 50 miles on electric power alone. But if you want to go farther, it can.

An onboard engine, or generator, can keep it going on gasoline. Fisker executives don't exactly relish the comparison, but it's the same idea as the Chevy Volt - just way faster.

Engage sport mode and the generator boosts the battery pack to create 400 horsepower.

Fisker got help from the U.S. Department of Energy with the kind of green technology loan that's been under scrutiny in the halls of Congress lately.

Fisker officials say the Karma is the first product of a DOE loan that's come to fruition as a car available for sale. And they're eager to get going on other, much-less expensive electric cars.

"Obviously, we want to build more cars, so we have a very exciting future with a lot of new products coming," said Fisker.

In the meantime, the Karma will be seen whooshing along in fashionable style and in eco-friendly style, too.