Ashley Judd's spy thriller 'Missing' premieres Thursday


"I have to connect with characters from my past, most of whom I'd rather forget because I'm not terribly proud of what I used to do, as well as stumbling upon new characters who both help and hinder me in the urgent quest to find my child," Judd said.

Her character's mission takes her to Europe where her son was last seen. Judd's co-star, Cliff Curtis, compares the series to something you could see on the big screen.

"I love action movies, that's kind of what I do and it's what I like and so it's got a lot of intrigue as I see it, like a lot of action, and a lot of sort of spy thriller stuff, and I love spy stuff you know I think it's cool," Curtis said.

Judd's character has certain strengths, including knowing three languages and being able to kick your you-know-what. She may even become television's strongest woman through this role, something she seemingly embraces.

"I'll take it," she said. "Suits me fine...There is definitely an element of wish fulfillment because every parent's nightmare is that something will happen to their child and it is one of those, 'I wish I could stop thinking about it but I can't.' And that's what Becca Winstone can do is, you know, face anything, face anyone, run, fight, use firearms as well as be unbelievably canny."

"Missing" debuts Thursday night on ABC7.

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