Oikos University shooting: Gunman targeted administrator


Meanwhile, the 911 calls from the shooting were released as the public learned more about the alleged gunman.

Officials are calling One L. Goh a calculated killer. Goh was apparently kicked out of Oikos University several months ago and was deeply in debt with tens of thousands of dollars in liens, including one from the Internal Revenue Service.

Officials say the 43-year-old suspect was upset with school administrators and the students who mistreated him when he attended the university for a nursing degree. Police said Goh was upset about being teased for his English skills.

"Good Morning America" obtained the 911 calls from frantic students describing the tragic scene and asking for more help. shortly after Goh began his shooting rampage.

Officials say Goh opened fire at point-blank range. One witness says the 43-year-old ordered students in her classroom to line up against the wall and then shot them.

"Very quickly the guy came in our door, and he like, I think he banged on the door, and then like he starts shooting on the door," said Dechen Yangzom. "I think it was three or four times he shot on the door and he maybe he thought nobody was inside because it was dark and he couldn't see anything," said one student.

Six women and one man were killed. Three others were wounded. The victims' identities have not been released. They range in age from 21 to 40 years old.

According to the Oakland Tribune, Goh fled the scene after he carjacked, shot and killed a student, then drove the car to a Safeway supermarket about three miles from the university.

Goh told a security guard at the supermarket that he had shot several people. The guard called police and Goh was taken into custody.

No charges have been filed against Goh. Goh is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

Oikos University has about 100 students, and according to officials, is closed indefinitely.

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