Wife arrested for San Bernardino business owner's murder


Laurie Jean Cone, 47, was arrested on two charges: conspiracy to commit murder and murder. She was held at the West Valley Detention Center without bail.

Authorities responded to a suspicious circumstances call at DC Radio-TV on the 2100 block of North Sierra Way just before 4:30 a.m. Monday.

The body of 64-year-old John Joseph Cone was found inside the building, which has a residence attached to the rear of the structure. Police say Cone's body suffered trauma, which indicated a homicide.

Wednesday, authorities were still seeking Cone's truck, believed to have guns inside of it.

Laurie Cone says she was out at a casino Sunday night and didn't come home until around 4:15 a.m. Monday. She says that's when she came across her husband, dead, inside the building.

"The gate was open and then later on the back door and the farther I went in I noticed things missing or things ransacked through, and then I found him on the ground all bloody on his legs and stuff, and I didn't go in any farther," said Laurie Cone.

Cone says their cable TV repair shop has been in the family for 40 some years. She also says her husband had a number of guns stored inside the place. Eyewitness News has confirmed that he did have a license to sell them. Cone thinks suspects stole those guns, put them in her husband's truck and took off in it.

San Bernardino Police have confirmed that a white Ford F-150 was stolen, potentially with a number of weapons inside. The truck has California license plate number 7C49039.

"He didn't have enemies. I mean he gave people off the street money, he gave them jobs, he brought them in and gave them food, he let them stay in our property, stuff like that, and he didn't deserve that, he didn't deserve it at all. He was one of the nicest men I ever knew," said Laurie Cone.

If you have information related to the case, contact the San Bernardino Police Dept. at (909) 384-5656.

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