Eco-friendly products for Earth Day and every day


"We are part of a huge movement of owners of businesses and product manufacturers who are trying to reuse and recycle products and reduce waste," said Christi Hogin, owner of Tossed restaurant.

At Tossed in downtown L.A., Hogin's staff serves meals "eco-friendly" style.

"If you were sitting in a Tossed restaurant on one of our chairs holding a bowl of salad, you would be sitting on 111 recycled Coke bottles and you would be holding in your hand three recycled water bottles," said Hogin.

Even the tables and decor are paper-based, which she spent more on, but feels it's worth it.

"Long-term, it's not sustainable to create that much trash and it will always cost more to find a place to move the trash to and to keep it and to wait for it to decompose," said Hogin.

"We are a 'green' company that makes cups from plants, not petroleum, and all our cups are 100-percent compostable, eco-friendly, and best of all, affordable," said Sarah Hartnett, director of operations, Repurpose Compostables.

Coffee houses take note: Repurpose hot cups have the thickness of two cups and a sleeve, yet will break down in a compost in 90 days. A box of 24 costs $5. You can find them in stores like Gelson's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

The "carbon-neutral cookware" company ZEROCA says when you use their products that have recycled steel and bamboo handles, you're "feeding your family by saving the Earth."

SnapSac reusable bags go beyond the grocery store with bags for things like lunch, the gym and even one for garments. They range from $3.50 to $7.50 for bags that fold and snap shut.

How about getting fit while saving the planet with Brooks Green Silence shoe? Seventy-five percent of the shoe is made from recycled material.

But beyond buying anything, one of the best things you can do is serve and eat proper portions. That's because the Natural Resources Defense Council says the average American throws a way 33 pounds of food in a month. That's like throwing $40 in the trash.

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