Honda appeal seeks to overturn woman's award


The giant automaker is appealing Heather Peters' win. She sued when her Civic hybrid failed to get a promised 50 miles per gallon.

Thousands of Civic hybrid owners who were disappointed with sub-par mileage filed a class-action lawsuit against Honda, but a proposed settlement by Honda would have only given owners $100 to $200 each and a $1,000 credit on purchase of a new car.

Peters opted out of the class-action suit and fought in small claims court, where she was awarded $9,867 for the extra money spent on fuel, the cost of the car's battery and the decrease in the car's value because of the problems.

Her suit was a unique run around the class-action process which she said offered too little to Honda owners and too much to lawyers.

A Los Angeles County judge has taken into submission American Honda Motor Co.'s appeal of a small-claims court award given to car owner who said the automaker misrepresented the gas mileage of her hybrid Civic.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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