Goose flies around with arrow in backside


The El Cariso Golf Course is a popular place for wildlife. But mixed in with the squirrels, ducks and geese is a Canada Goose that's been struck by an arrow.

"I think it's a cruel thing to do to an animal. It's terrible to shoot something or try to kill something just for the sport," said Chester Christenson, the golf course marshal

L.A. City Animal Control officials say the bird appears to be eating, sleeping and flying just fine. They don't know when the bird was shot with the arrow, but say it's been spotted and reported several times in the valley over the past couple weeks. Previous attempts to net it have failed when the bird flew off.

Arrows aren't the only hazard for these animals, which spend many days on area golf courses.

"They hit them with golf balls sometimes, and their heads just go, and they die. It's terrible," said Sandy Stephens of El Cariso Golf Course.

Folks around the golf course have become infatuated with the injured visitor.

"We're frequent golfers out here ... so it's kind of unusual to see something like this," said Amir Firozkar of Granada Hills.

Now that animal control workers know where the goose is, they're planning once again to trap it.

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