ICE agent shot, killed in Carson; 14-year-old son arrested

CARSON, Calif.

Investigators believe the teenager used his father's ICE-issued gun and fired a single shot from the backyard just after 9:00 p.m. in the 19300 block of Broadacres Avenue. The bullet went through a window. Officials said the son was the one who called 911.

The agent, who has been identified as Myron Chisem, worked in the Homeland Security Investigations department for the last four years.

"The victim was seated in a TV room in the back of the residence on the first floor, and that's where the shooting occurred and the weapon was found in the front yard of the location," said L.A. County Sheriff's Lt. Holly Francisco.

As the flag-draped body of the agent made its way to the coroner's van, his colleagues stood at attention in a somber show of respect.

"He would have liked his, because he was a man for his country. I thought it was very good, you know for them to show their support like that, all his colleagues that he worked with everyday, to come around and show that love for him," said friend Shawn Butler.

Butler said the teen and his father were close. They moved into the Broadacres home a few months ago where they also lived with Chisem's girlfriend, who was not home at the time of the shooting. Butler said he was unaware of any tension between the agent and his son.

"Nothing, he was happy with his progress in school, he said you know he's getting better, he's getting to school on time, there's nothing that was causing problems to Myron, Myon would have let me know," he said.

Butler said he doesn't believe the teenager knew how to shoot a gun, but investigators said the shooting was no accident. The motive remains under investigation.

"We're still working on the motive to this shooting. It's going to take numerous interviews and an investigation to understand what the actual motive was," said Holly.

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