Cool Kid helps elderly in San Gabriel Valley


"I promised her I would stay in this area and help out as much as I could in this area when I was in the first grade," she said. "I wanted to keep that promise."

After both her grandmothers died, Nadine discovered that she really wanted to do more for seniors in her community.

"I started seeing other elderly like my neighbors to help them ... It wasn't like a replacement. But it was my kindness I could show to someone else," she said.

It's not just about bringing a smile to someone's face or making them feel needed. Nadine says it makes her feel good to help, too.

"They seem kind of lonely. So when I make them laugh, it makes my day. I know they'll find a family or someone close in me," she said.

Most importantly, Nadine spends time with many seniors and has a genuine interest interacting with them. Cool Kid Nadine Mora is connecting generations and doing it with genuine affection.

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