Ex-LA County sheriff's deputy guilty of assaulting, torturing wife and her lover


Irvine resident Robert Avery McClain, 38, was found guilty by a jury Thursday of being legally sane when he tortured and forcibly sexually assaulted his wife and another man. Robert Avery McClain, 38, Irvine, was found guilty by the same jury May 10, 2012, of one felony count each of aggravated mayhem, torture, forcible oral copulation, attempted sexual penetration by foreign object by force, spousal rape by force, sodomy by future threat, false imprisonment, and domestic battery with corporal injury.

The jury found true the sentencing enhancements and allegations for the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a sexual assault, personally inflicting great bodily injury to more than one victim, personal use of a deadly weapon, personal use of a firearm, use of a firearm during a sexual offense, causing great bodily injury to a sexual assault victim, and causing great bodily injury in the course of domestic violence. McClain faces a maximum of multiple life sentences at his sentencing July 13, 2012.

McClain allegedly suspected his wife, 31-year-old Jane Doe, was having an affair with a resident in their apartment complex, 23-year-old John Doe. McClain has four children with Jane Doe.

On the night of Sept. 28, 2008, McClain brought both of them to the leasing office where Jane Doe worked. He then began beating and torturing them. McClain was convicted of beating the two victims, forcing them to undress, threatening to shoot both of them, stabbing and cutting both of them.

John Doe was severely beaten. Jane Doe was taken to another location and violently raped by McClain before they returned to the complex.

After hours of torture and assault, Jane Doe was able to escape and called police. A cleaning crew discovered John Doe's body in the leasing office that morning.

Irvine police officers arrested McClain at his apartment.

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