'Prometheus' stars talk about alien adventure


Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender were recruited by Scott to be part of the ensemble cast.

"It's always very enjoyable when you're part of an ensemble piece, you know, because you're all there challenging each other, but also supporting each other," Fassbender said. "It's nice when all the elements come together."

The film's title comes from the name of the spaceship in the story. It's set at the end of the century and has the ship and its crew going on a mission to explore signs of alien life and the origins of mankind.

"I think that this movie is kind of ... throwing out the most important questions about life, and, you know, where did we come from and who created us and what's the purpose of life? But at the same time, it's this huge, amazing action film," Rapace said. "I've never really seen anything like this."

The stars have been given the task of promoting a film while trying not to reveal all to the audience, leaving as much as possible a surprise. That said, both Rapace and Fassbender think this is one of those movies you will want to talk about with your friends when it's over.

"That's what you really want, people discussing it afterwards, and everybody sort of has their own take on it and has their own impression," Fassbender said. "I think some of the greatest films, it allows the viewer to paint the canvas a lot themselves."

"Prometheus" is rated R.

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