Battle over red-light cameras in Murrieta


For many drivers, red-light enforcement cameras can be expensive and frustrating.

While many people simply complain, Murrieta resident Diana Serafin succeeded in getting an item on this November's ballot, that if approved would require the city council to place a ban on the cameras.

But Thursday she found out she's being sued by someone who wants the item off the ballot.

"Thursday night about 7 o'clock -- my doorbell is broken -- somebody was pounding on the doors, the dogs are barking, and I went and opened it up and they served me," said Serafin.

The lawsuit was filed by Stephen Flynn, a former Murrieta city councilman. The suit makes the claim that "the regulation of red light cameras ... is one for which the State Legislature has barred the use of initiative and referendum, by specifically delegating exclusive authority on the issue to the City Council."

But do the cameras work? Numbers from the city of Murrieta show a significant drop in how many people were busted for running red lights when the cameras first went operational in 2006 until 2011, the last year numbers were available.

Around town the cameras don't have many fans, but others disagree.

Flynn's attorney did not respond to a request for comment.

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