Bob Banfield laid to rest, remembered by loved ones

COLTON, Calif.

It's impossible to tell how many lives Banfield touched, but at Montecito Memorial Park in Colton, those who were there to remember him painted a pretty good picture.

First, friends talked about how humble he was.

"With Bob, it was always about you, always about somebody else, always about 'Hey! How you doing!'" said friend Mark Lohman.

Then, coworkers reflected on how helpful he was.

"Bob Banfield taught us all that honesty, integrity, humility and just being a nice guy never goes out of style," said ABC7 cameraman Dave Busse.

Others remembered how generous he was -- especially at meal time.

"Do you know how often Bob would pick up the tab? What a generous, generous man he was," said friend Mary Parks.

And people from some of the agencies Banfield reported on over the years looked back at what is was like to work with him.

"He was a friend to the fire service, and we will never forget him," said Bill Peters of CalFire.

But perhaps most of all, Banfield's presence had the largest impact on his family.

"With good fortune and the grace of god, we will honor him by always following our dreams," said Banfield's daughter, Penny Banfield.

Then, the funeral procession went from Colton to Ontario, where Banfield was laid to rest not simply at Bellevue Memorial Park, but in the Inland Empire, the community he called home.

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