Boy, 14, killed by train in Covina apparently while texting, listening to music

COVINA, Calif.

Mitchal Sata of Glendora was killed when he was struck by a Metrolink train traveling east along Glendora Avenue at 48 mph in the evening.

Investigators said it appears Sata had his headphones in listening to music as he was walking along Glendora Avenue. Tracy Aaron Anderson, Sata's mother, said a witness told her the boy may have also been texting at the time.

"She said that he stopped, hesitated for a moment, then when she looked again he was gone," Anderson said. "She was on the other side and I assume that's when he was struck by the train."

Anderson says her son was a good kid with a big heart.

While she wants everyone to be aware of their surroundings, it's the lack of warning for pedestrians that she says cost her son's his life. There are railroad arms across the road but nothing to stop pedestrians on the sidewalk.

"For him as far as he would be aware, it didn't change, there was nothing different about the path he was on to give an indication he should all of a sudden be aware," Anderson said.

Sata's devastated family says that's something they want changed.

"My son was a good kid and he should have had a long life. I just don't want to see this happen again to anybody," Anderson said.

Friends continue to gather at the scene, grieving for a young life lost in a tragic accident.

"I want to know why, why him?" said Luis Arambula, Sata's friend. "We've been here since the morning to the night to show him our respect and how we love him. I just tell everybody out there be careful, you know? I hope this gives you the message to be careful."

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