High-speed pursuit highlights dangers of motorcycles


They are the best in the world and ride under controlled conditions, unlike the suspect who led the California Highway Patrol on a pursuit Tuesday morning at speeds approaching 100 mph on freeways full of traffic. They probably did him a big favor by bringing it to a close without anyone getting hurt.

People have been doing silly things on motorcycles on the street for years, but today, it's different because everyone seems to have a small camera and access to the Internet to put on a show.

Look on YouTube and you'll see all kinds of self-made motorcycle videos that appear to be accidents waiting to happen. The pros frown on stuff like this.

"I'm very pro-motorcycles for sure, but very much safety first," said Yamaha rider Ben Spies. "Sometimes I'm a little bit disappointed in what I see with how people are handling situations."

The MotoGP riders did some clowning around off the bikes for a Yamaha promotional video. But when these highly skilled riders hit the track Sunday, it's serious business with serious horsepower at serious speeds.

As the saying goes: kids, don't try this at home.

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