Cal Ripken speaks out about mother's kidnapping


Authorities say Vi Ripken, 74, was abducted at gunpoint from her home in Aberdeen, Maryland, then forced into her own car. She was found in the car the next morning, tied up, but otherwise OK.

"A lot of people are really concerned and are asking questions about Mom, and, you know, she's doing OK. I mean, it's been a traumatic experience; one that I think none of us know how we would've handled," Ripken said.

He said there's reason to believe the kidnapping was planned in advance, but he said he can't be sure and doesn't know why she was targeted.

"It's bizarre in many ways," he said.

Investigators say there was no ransom demand, and the elder Ripken has said her abductor appeared not to know that she was the mother of the retired Baltimore Oriole who owns baseball's record for most consecutive games played.

Police released surveillance video of the suspect taken at an area Wal-Mart the day Vi Ripken was abducted, and they have also released a sketch of the suspect.

"Mom, by and large, is a tough, strong woman. She's been able to endure this," Ripken said.

There's a $2,000 reward for tips leading to the man's conviction.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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