Jennifer Garner says being a mom helped her in 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green'


They bury a box containing all of their dreams for a child in their garden so they can move on. Suddenly, a boy with leaves sprouting from his legs appears, and he needs parents.

"I don't have problems with fertility, clearly, but I can really imagine what it's like for my friends who are going through it and just try to respectfully play what they've gone through," Garner said. "That being said, it was helpful to have been a mom a couple of times over when I made this movie."

Edgerton said the movie doesn't try to be anything but open-hearted.

"On one hand, it has a lot of soft edges and it's for everybody. But I think it's really kind of brave to make a movie like that right now," he said.

Garner first saw it with a couple of her mom friends and one of their kids. The moms cried all the way through.

"And their 10 year old said, 'Why you crying? That was a kids' movie. That was for me,'" Garnder said, "so what more can you ask if you're taking the kids to the movie and everyone wins?"

"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is rated PG. It opens next Friday.

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