Real-life couple collaborates on 'Hit and Run'


"It's like if you put 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Smokey and the Bandit,' and an indie love story in a blender, this is what you'd get," said Kristen Bell.

In "Hit and Run," Dax Shepard plays a man who's been in the witness protection program, but decides to abandon the safety of his small-town hideaway to be with the woman he loves.

"As soon as we leave, Bradley Cooper, who I testified against, he gets in the picture and my past starts kind of unraveling," said Dax.

"And he's forced to explain all these details while we're on the road and why we can't stop and it's ever confusing my character, and it puts our relationship, it puts some stress on it," said Kristen.

"The past is a little more checkered than she originally thought," said Dax.

In real life, this engaged couple made sure they had those tough relationship conversations, where they've put it all on the table.

"They weren't secrets, they were like 'Hey, this is my past, what's yours like?' And I think when she heard mine -- " said Dax.

"Mine was a lot more boring than Dax's was," said Kristen.

"Hit and Run" was written and directed by Shepard. Bell also happened to produce the film. They even drafted Dax's mom to do craft services.

"As you get older, it gets hard to schedule time with the people you love, so to do it under the guise of work allowed all of us to get together for a couple months and just really enjoy each other's company," said Dax.

"He wrote a vacation with a lot of creativity involved," said Kristen.

"Hit and Run" is rated "R" and opens Friday.

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