'Bachelorette' stars call film raunchy, good fun


"Bachelorette" is the latest film to firmly plant itself in the R-rating category.

"It's a raunchy girl's comedy. You don't see many of those, like, this raunchy," said Kirsten Dunst, who plays Regan in the film.

The movie focuses on a pre-wedding ritual - a night of fun that gets completely out of hand.

"Bachelorette" features an ensemble cast of actresses who are asked to step way outside their comfort zones.

"These are horrible girls doing horrible things. You can't ask yourself why. You just got to commit to it and enjoy it and, and just try to make it as funny as you can," said Isla Fisher, who plays Katie in the film.

"I think if you go in ready for a raucous good time and you're not embarrassed easily, you could really like this," said Rebel Wilson, who plays Becky in the film.

Actress Lizzy Caplan, who plays Gena, says she won't apologize for a minute of the raunchy goodness.

"You're not going to hear one apology from me. It's pretty nasty, this movie, and I love every second of it," Caplan said.

Though the movie is purely fictitious, Dunst says viewers may see some truth in the characters.

"It's the kind of movie that your girlfriends don't want to admit. There are pieces o these girls, to certain women, it speaks very close to them and they love it and laugh," Dunst said.

While the movie sounds very female-centric, the stars think men will laugh just as much.

"It's very, very funny. It's pretty dirty, a little mean and then super sweet and quite moving," said Adam Scott, who plays Clyde in the film.

"Bachelorette" hits theaters Sept. 7.

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