Steve Wynn denies Joe Francis death threat


Wynn, the 70-year-old Las Vegas titan, sued the "Girls Gone Wild" founder over his claims that Wynn threatened to have him killed and buried in the desert. Wynn said Francis' claims defamed him by making that statement twice on April 12, 2010.

Wynn maintains that one of Francis' allegedly defamatory statements was made in Los Angeles Superior Court during a hearing concerning a $2 million gambling debt Francis allegedly ran up at one of Wynn's Las Vegas casinos. The second statement occurred outside the same courtroom.

Francis maintained that the threat was real and said music mogul Quincy Jones told him that Wynn wanted Francis dead in an email.

Wynn denied telling Jones he wanted to kill Francis.

"I did not send an email or tell Mr. Jones I was going to kill anybody," Wynn testified. "It is a terrible lie."

However, Francis's attorney's showed jurors another side of Wynn, a sit-down interview from the 1980s in which Wynn told a CBS News TV reporter that he would "choke" her if she didn't include certain information from the interview.

Wynn responded by saying the interview was 28 years old and that he only made that statement to get a laugh.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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